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Level is a structured online tournament that is centered around high caliber players for a competitive Battlefield experience. The 32v32 tournament involves two sides, the Red Team versus the Blue Team. Level has its own private battle server, its own private TeamSpeak server and each side is provided their own private forums. Level is not a clan, so being in a clan is not a problem. Just bring your clanmates along for the ride!

Tournaments, or seasons, are the heart of Level. A season generally lasts between 6-10 weeks where every Saturday a battle takes place for 3-4 hours. Scoring is ticket-based, and the first team to reach 5000 tickets total wins the season.

When you sign up you will have the choice to join either the Red Team or the Blue Team and you will get a chance to make a difference on the Battlefield. Remember that Level is for experienced players only that are capable of working together to bring down the enemy. Do you have what it takes?